About Us


The Rug Maker Co started back in 2018 as a punch needle hobby, that quickly turned into bigger creations, RUGS! I was always the young - old lady taking her time to always check the rugs at the home shops... And well, now I make mine own rugs! There is something about rugs that make me feel that a space can be home.
🧶 It might sound cliche, but this creative process helped me to get to know me and find myself back again in a beautiful way and full of color. Fiber art it's the call I was denying and I'm glad I finally listened.

Every time you take home one of my pieces, you can be sure it was made from my heart, full of pure love and passion... When you shop small you help not just a little family of two to achieve dreams and believe in magic but also a whole community ❤

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being part of this movement!